From the largest to the smallest food, beverages, consumables and cleaning manufacturers
Who Exhibits?
FIA NSW host up to five trade shows a year in regional areas, these events are held on rotation in strategic marketing areas throughout the State.
  • Effective, professional pre show marketing and promotion of each event
  • Events promoted through FIA contact with wholesalers, direct mail to end users, local radio and newspapers.
  • Held over one or two days depending on market potential
  • Designed as a unique opportunity for companies to access, promote and sell their goods or services to hundreds of Foodservice owner operators and buyers
  • Comprehensive list of attendees supplied free of charge to exhibitors
  • Trade Only – general public not admitted
FIA trade shows are an excellent opportunity for members to network within the industry and provide a great opportunity for members to grow their knowledge and contacts within the foodservice industry.
FIA Trade Show visitors are limited to trade only and include;
  • Chefs and Apprentices
  • Cooks
  • Food and Beverage Managers
  • Restaurant Owners and Managers
  • Serving staff
  • School Canteen Managers
  • Institution Buyers
  • Anyone interested in improving their knowledge of and contacts within foodservice
FIA NSW Trade Shows and Expos - Advantages of Regional Events
  • Face to face communication with large numbers of qualified Foodservice end users and buyers.
  • A cost effective way for Foodservice suppliers to reach end user buyers and reduce costly cold calls, save travelling time, accommodation and stress.
  • To engage with customers all coming to see you in a neutral venue, because they want to.
  • You can build your brand with traditional media but you can build your sales immediately at an FIA NSW trade show.
  • An ideal opportunity to show and demonstrate new products, techniques and campaigns.
  • Association member companies provide outstanding network opportunities.
  • Major national companies and smaller manufacturers gain equal benefits.
  • To show support for your local wholesalers and distributors in key areas.
Who Visits?
Why participate in a FIA trade show?
  • The FIA is a not for profit association – exhibitor trade show fees are maintained as low as possible with benefits passed on to members
  • Stand fees include display stand floor space and access to a 10amp and 15amp power supply at most venues.
  • Many Members use portable display equipment such as pull up banners, spider displays etc.
  • The FIA does not use an overall shell scheme display, giving you maximum flexibility with your display and your budget.
  • Display panels, partitions and tables are supplied at cost price via local hire companies as required.
  • Exhibitors are advised of details prior to each event.
FIA Trade Show exhibiting fees


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